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if inspiration were tangible,
i would wrap it in your favorite holiday paper and mail it to you
no more room for unwanted bills and envelopes in your mailbox
inspiration would take their place

if inspiration were edible,
i would use it as the main ingredient in your peanut butter cookies
no more facetiousness flowing throughout you
inspiration would be the nutrition to fill your expressive space

if inspiration were visible,
i would design it to be your favorite shape and color
no more plastic and paper to rule your wallet
inspiration would be the priceless object you'd trace

but what can i do to inspire you?
inspiration is but a creative burst
i wish i had the power to breathe it upon you
or the money to drive you to Tennessee
    we could get lost beneath the colorful blanket of falling leaves
    we'll stare at the sky
    with our fancy, naked feet exposed
    while sipping on our mochas
    (we bought them back in town, at the friendliest little coffee shop ever found)
    and that is the essence of our warmth, after all the scarfs are just for show

would that inspire you the way you used to be?

you are in a non-creative rut as far as i can tell, so...
let me take you to that wishing well, the one in my dream
it is full of inspiration if you just jump in and swim, swim, swim
to the bottom of the earth
there you will find a locket with a key inside
and with that key, you will know what to do
for that key is called "Inspiration" and can only be used by you,
to unlock your exploratory mind

so take the time, my darling and search out that key
once you do... you will be found in your creative sea.

~ Lynn Smith
written by Me
written for my boyfriend, who is having a "creative block"
hopefully, this will encourage him to power through it :)

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October 19, 2008
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